Mission: Mongolian


image from worldtravelguide.net

It looks like we are moving to Mongolia (!) in August… and while English is the up-and-coming language there, speaking Mongolian will be critical. Rather than do a lot of language-related posts on the main blog (wanderingwunkers.com), it’s going to be time to spam this unused corner of my internet with posts.

Mongolian has been a struggle to accumulate resources on – it’s not a language of commerce or trade, the Khanate is not a political mover-and-shaker anymore, and unless you’re going there for a vacation or adventure, you probably won’t run into wanting or needing to use it. Unless you’re into cashmere and buying it from the source…

So, here’s how I’m planning on tackling this:

  • Colloquial Mongolian by Routledge – main textbook and source
  • Mongolian, “Fluency 123” from Glossika – “mass sentence” shadowing methodology
  • Elementary Mongolian Grammar – supplementary grammar book
  • creating a 625 word list (a la Fluency Forever – Gabriel Wyner’s methodology)

I want to work through 1 chapter of CM every week, which will put me at finishing it by mid-May. If I can work on developing that 625 word list concurrently, I’ll be able to have good material to read and review as I find more advanced material. I forsee the word list taking about as long to do, though – I want to have my images & words and audio files as well, which will require spending substantial time with Audacity to split up audio files. Presumably I’ll then be able to have all of it to review, and then add on with sentences, and finding native speaker(s) to do recordings for me.

I have a basic solid foundation with Cyrillic so I am not quite so concerned about writing… working with a language with vowel harmony will be a brand new experience, though!