I’m a 30-something knitter, linguist, polyglot, traveller and scuba diver. I have a husband I’m rather fond of and two kids that are lucky they’re cute or I’d leave them out for the leopards. I’ve lived in New England, Denmark, Minnesnowta and India and love to explore everything I can get my hands on – preferably with my family (and friends) in tow.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. hi, i checked your blog thru raverly, and wanted to contact you. I am visiting Mussoorie in Dec …2 7th we shall reach and 29th we shall head back home. If it is cool with you would love to meet you, kind of small raverly meet 🙂 since you cant come to Delhi if you want anything from here knitting stuff let me know, you can check out delhi knitters thread and other links, and if you need pure wool let me know, will be glad to get it.

    warm regards


  2. i am very very absent minded.. and should apologize for that. you must have just delievered and i guess my offer wouldnt be time right 😦 I hope all is well with the baby and you are also doing well. Do let me know and Dec is still far 🙂

    warm regards


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